Offset Has His Mind Set On Keeping His Kids Grounded Despite His Fame

AllHipHop Staff

The rapper is going to stay in his hometown of Atlanta to keep his kids from being too "Hollywood."

(AllHipHop News) Hip-Hop star Offset is determined not to leave his native Atlanta, Georgia and move to Los Angeles because he doesn't want his children to be hounded by the paparazzi.

The rapper has four young children, each with different women - including baby daughter Kulture with his wife Cardi B, and until recently, he was determined to keep them out of the public eye.

That all changed when he decided to gather all of his kids together for their first photo shoot with dad, which ended up as the cover of his debut solo album, appropriately titled Father of 4.

But Offset insists he won't be posting further snaps of his offspring on his social media pages anytime soon, because he wants to guard their privacy, so they can enjoy as normal an upbringing as possible.

"I try to keep my kids kids, so on Instagram, I don't really like to rock out like that (post their photos)...," he told New York radio show The Breakfast Club. "That's why I never moved to L.A., 'cause I don't want cameras all in their face."

Offset has even chosen to send his elder children to public school to keep them grounded, and he has no problem disciplining them if they start to boast about their famous father's newfound wealth - just like his nine-year-old son Jordan once did.

"One time..., somebody said something to him in school, and he was like, 'My daddy got more money than you and your daddy!'" the Migos star recalled. "I beat him...! And I was seeing how when he told me, he's feeling like it's OK (to say that), so I had to whoop him 'bout that, 'cause I want him to be regular."

Further addressing his son's bragging, Offset said, "It ain't right... I remember not having no clothes, and me and (Migos bandmates and relatives) Quavo and Takeoff splitting clothes... I don't want my kid to be spoiled, that make me mad. I don't like seeing kids do that."