Offset Left $150,000 Chain On A Coffee Table & Now Police Are Trying To Find It

AllHipHop Staff

Offset had a bad week. First a guy gets beat up at the Met Gala and now he lost a $150,000 chain.

(AllHipHop News) Police in New York are looking for the bandit who stole a $150,000 necklace from rap star Offset of Migos.

Offset was staying in a lower Eastside hotel since he was in town to attend the Met Gala with his fiancee, Cardi B. on Monday.

According to reports, when Offset left for Atlanta on Tuesday, he accidentally left behind jewelry worth $150,000 on a coffee table in the hotel room.

Offset had so many jewels, he did not even realize the piece was missing when he left, and apparently, Cardi B noticed something was amiss.

Now, police are reviewing surveillance cameras in the hotel to see if they can track down the felonious thief who is out on the street with Offset's jewels.