Offset's Attorney Claims The Rapper Is Being "Exploited" In Criminal Damage Case

The legal team wants the felony warrant dismissed.

(AllHipHop News) Police in Sandy Springs, Georgia have issued an arrest warrant for Kiari "Offset" Cephus. The Migos member is wanted for a felony charge of damage to property.

18-year-old Junior Gibbons accused Offset of destroying his $800 iPhone 8 when the rapper slapped the phone from his hand. The alleged incident took place at a Target store and was filmed by the teenager.

“When he put his hands up, I thought he was gonna throw up some gang signs or something, but he ended up just smacking my phone down,” Gibbons told WSB-TV. “He didn’t really have to smack my phone like that.”

Offset's attorney, Drew Findling, addressed the case. He stated, “Kiari Cephus is being exploited by the typical person looking for 15 minutes of fame and an extended payday." The lawyer also released an extended statement.

"This incident, which took place as Mr. Cephus was simply trying to buy items for his youngest child, was not reported to police for 4 days,” Findling is quoted saying in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “This so-called ‘Victim’ instead took to social media for an extended 15 minutes of fame. There has been absolutely no investigation and nothing has been shown to indicate Mr. Cephus is the cause of any damage to this person’s property. The felony warrant is disgraceful and should be dismissed immediately.”

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It was gathered that he paid for the damages .. Why file a lawsuit.. Hope they resolve this...