Offset's Baby Mama Shya L'amour Credits Cardi B With Helping Him Grow

It looks like Offset is starting to settle into family life.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Shya L'amour has credited Offset's wife Cardi B for his newfound maturity.

Shya is the mother of Offset's first daughter, Kalea, who turns four this month.

After a rocky start, as Offset debated whether the child, a product of a one night stand was his, he has now built a relationship with his daughter, who was included on the cover of his debut solo album Father of 4, released last month.

Mom Shya was initially critical of the album, and called Offset out on Instagram for how he has portrayed her on the title track, in which he raps: "Kalea, you my first, first daughter / I missed the first years of your life, I'm sorry / Tell the truth, I ain't really know if I was your father / Tell the truth, I really don't even know your mama."

However, in a chat, Shya conceded that he has made progress with building a relationship with his daughter, and credited his Grammy award-winning wife for helping him.

"I think (his wife Cardi B) helped him grow tremendously," the 30-year-old mother-of-two said. "Since he's been with her, I've seen a lot of growth. She does (embrace Kalea), she does. I can see her heart. She has a really good heart."

Shya had previously admitted Kalea was conceived after a brief fling with Georgia native on America's Independence Day and he "blocked" her after she demanded a DNA test.

"(Kalea) loves him. They're really good now," she said of Offset, 27. "He has stepped up and he has been around, as of lately, to show that affection that she needs - that parental love that her mother can't do that for the father.

"In an ideal scenario, just get on the same page, man. Just gotta have an understanding and keep an understanding. I feel like communication is key to a lot of misunderstandings."

Offset is also father to sons Jordan, eight, Kody, four, from previous relationships. He was photographed with all four of his children on the cover of Father of 4.