Offset's Ex Trashes Rapper And Cardi B

AllHipHop Staff

It looks like Offset's child support battle with his baby's mom is going to get nasty.

(AllHipHop News) Migos star Offset appears to beg ex Shya L'amour for sex in a string of messages leaked by the rapper's baby mama.

The star shares five-year-old daughter Kalea with Shya, real name Nicole Algarin, and is currently embroiled in a battle over child support with his ex.

While the pair await their court date, Shya has alleged Offset has begged her for sex "one last time" - despite having been married to rapper Cardi B since 2017.

Alongside screenshots posted to her Instagram Stories and obtained by website ItsOnsite!, dated June 2018, Shya wrote: "I was going to refrain from posting but him and his hoe too disrespectful after I’ve been trying to be cordial and empathetic.

"I found out the same time the world did that they was married and he been cut off since then," she added. "Stop f##king playing with my name!"

In the messages, the Clout star appears to ask, "Can I have it one more last time," before sending a string of question marks, which Shya ignores. He later writes, "wya (where you at)" several times, before insisting, "I gone cry" if she continues to not reply to his messages.

Neither Offset nor Cardi has responded to the leak.

Offset, 28, has a total of four children, each with a different woman. His youngest is daughter Kulture, 21 months, who he shares with Cardi.

He previously battled ex-girlfriend Justine Watson over her child support demands for their then-seven-year-old son Jordan in 2017. Offset fathered his eldest child when he was just 17.

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