Offset Says Trying To Get Cardi B Back Was Not For "Social Media Fun"

The rapper explains how serious it was trying to get his wife back after trying to get a threesome on the side.

(AllHipHop News) Offset doesn't regret the over-the-top gestures he used to win his wife Cardi B back after the two split last year.

The rapper, who recently reconciled with the star after their breakup in December, made no secret of his wish to reunite with the mother of his baby daughter and stands by his headline-making methods of getting her attention.

"I’d jump out the window trying to get her back, with a parachute on my back," he told Billboard. ain’t no joke and it ain’t social media fun."

In the days after their separation, the Migos star interrupted Cardi's set at the Rolling Loud Festival in Los Angeles to join her on-stage and apologize to her while amazed fans looked on.

"You might have looked at me as being selfish onstage, but I’m just trying to get what’s mine," he adds. "I'm ready to look stupid, I’m ready to take this shot in the back."

The 27-year-old also referenced reports he was unfaithful to the hip-hop sensation, noting he pursued his ex after he "messed up."

"You could say what you need to say, and you could hate me now, which a lot of people seem like they do," he said. "I’ll take that because I messed up. At the same time, I ain’t perfect. I only know a couple of ways. Pull up, I need to see you, (and) talk to you. You could beat me up, punch me, but it’s gotta be addressed. And we got a child, so it’s a whole other ball game. A beautiful daughter, and a daughter missing their father is different."

Offset also expressed his admiration for Cardi B, insisting she doesn't get the respect she deserves at times.

"She’s a hard worker," he gushed. "People try to take it away from her. You never seen somebody work this hard, so to reward that, you don’t know how to handle it. She be workin’ and people love her. It’s organic."

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