Offset Warned For Having A Lead Foot

AllHipHop Staff

Atlanta rapper Offset received a warning in Los Angeles for "almost" speeding.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Offset was handed a warning for speeding through Los Angeles in a Ferrari on Monday (25Nov19).

The Migos star was pulled over in West Hollywood for driving slightly over the speed limit, but it wasn't fast enough to warrant a citation and he was simply told to slow down.

Sources tell TMZ the rapper was polite and promised to slow it down.

Offset bought the Ferrari last week.

The rapper and his wife Cardi B. love to buy cars and have a very sizeable collection of luxury vehicles.

The celebrity couples massive fleet of cars include Lamborghinis, Maybachs, Rolls Royces, Porsches, a McLaren and even a few monster trucks.

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@illseed wtf is a lead foot??? SO RANDOM