OG Maco Explains Why He's Walking Away From Making Music

Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)

The ATL rhymer is dropping all of his recorded tracks/projects before the end of the year.

(AllHipHop News) Back in 2015, OG Maco was one of the hottest young rappers in the game. The Atlanta native had an internet hit with "U Guessed It," and he was selected as a member of the '15 XXL Freshman class.

Fast forward three years later and it appears Maco is ready to retire from rap. The Quality Control Music affiliate announced that he's falling back from making music.

Maco tweeted:

Thank you to everyone ❤️ We still have the rest of this year to RAGE but this is it. I have to focus on my soul and enjoy my peace as a human being. This is something I’ve been deciding for a while and the reason I haven’t dropped a project in quite some time.

While OG broke out nationally in 2015, the rapper born Maco Mattox had been dropping music for close to half a decade before that year. His current catalog includes projects such as Give Em Hell, The Lord of Rage, Blvk Phil Collins, and Children of The Rage.

"There’s f-ckery with the business with the sh-t that goes on. It will disillusion you from the passion of the music. Especially when they’re vilifying you for trying to help them," Maco told AllHipHop in 2016. "All that kind of sh-t will f-ck with you when you know you can get money a million other ways. You don’t really care about sh-t as much. You love it the same, but you just don’t care about it as much. I know I do this well, but the things you gotta do to succeed at this… I can’t even be happy with me if I do all that."

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Just take a leave of absence.I absolutely love your rage music. You might end up regretting not expressing yourself years later. I totaly understand trying to be happy and for that I wish you a happy journey and please host some more concerts before you wrap up if ypu could-boston.