OJ Simpson Drops Gangsta Rap In Outrageous New Video/DVD

AllHipHop Staff

O.J. Simpson’s recent 15-year jail sentence hasn’t prevented him from releasing “Get Juiced,” the NFL Hall of Famer’s first ever rap video.

O.J. Simpon’s new rap video was conceived as a prank for a DVD entitled Juiced, which showcases the controversial football great performing pranks on unsuspecting victims, in the vein of Ashton Kutcher’s Punk’d.

Using a gangsta rap persona named MC Juice, Simpson performs the track at a strip club surrounded by numerous burlesque, nude dancers.

Simpson raps over a beat similar to “I’m Serious,” a 1988 classic by Philadelphia rapper Steady B., that was produced by KRS One’s Boogie Down Productions.

“All you player haters and you sucker MC’s better get on your knees/and get some of the these/These nuts...” Simpson raps while surrounded by a harem of women.

Outtakes from the video also show Simpson holding a tongue-in-cheek audition for the strippers, dressed as Elvis with a midget, working in a fast food drive-thru, dressed as an 80-year-old man playing bingo and as a cheater who gets caught with a married woman.

Perhaps the most outrageous stunt features Simpson attempting to sell his infamous white Ford Bronco to unsuspecting marks, while acknowledging there are “no bodies in it” and that the SUV had “escapability.”

Aware that many would call this DVD tasteless in light of Simpson’s legal woes, Juiced distributor and Xtreme Entertainment Group CEO Rick Mahr argues that projects like this are big business in the American market.

“Juiced is America’s new guilty pleasure and will have everyone talking,” Mahr told AllHipHop.com in a statement. “We were shocked to see O.J. film these uncensored segments and surreal scenarios. From the moment you put Juiced in your DVD player and press play, the footage will keep you glued to your screen. You won’t believe your eyes.”

Simpson’s latest venture comes on the heels on his December 5 conviction for robbing two sport memorabilia stars at gunpoint.

He was sentenced to 33 years in prison on armed kidnapping and robbery charges.

Although an appeal is pending, the sentence will run concurrently if it stands, allowing Simpson to be eligible for parole after 9 years.

An uncensored version of O.J. Simpson’s “Get Juiced” will be featured on the Juiced comedy DVD, which is available in stores and online for $19.99 now.

The video is now available on iTunes for $0.99.