Ol Dirty Bastard's Widow Disses "Hologram" Concept At Rock The Bells


(AllHipHop News) Icelene Jones, the widow of the late Ol' Dirty Bastard, has reportedly issued a cease and desist order to halt the virtual performance of the late rapper at the Rock The Bells festival later this year.

She told news magazine Rolling Out that she is the only person that can approve such an event.

"I am disappointed that Rock the Bells would not contact me directly about the use of my husband's image," she told Rolling Out. "I am looking forward to talking to Wu-Tang about this matter and coming up with a positive solution in order to bring my husband's image to the stage once again."

"My son, Young Dirty Bastard, [also known as] Boy Jones has always performed at Rock the Bells and looks forward to working with his Uncle RZA every year," she said.

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Earlier in the week, AllHipHop exclusively broke the news that Rock The Bells had secured "virtual performances" from the late Eazy-E and Ol' Dirty. Organizers touted that they gotten the thumbs up from Eazy's widow and ODB's mother.

Earlier in the week, AllHipHop exclusively interviewed the man that will manage the process of these virtual performances, Chris "Broadway" Romero.

"This would not be happening without family approval, and without the involvement and excitement from the groups ODB and Eazy E anchored," Romero told AllHipHop. "There will always be opposition to new the great power of new technology, but fans should rest assured that this power is in responsible hands."
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AllHipHop will keep you abreast of this as it unfurls.