Ol Dirty Doesn't Have To Face Charges


grand jury in New York Wednesday ruled that the Wu-Tang

Clan star should not face charges for what police called a shoot-out

with undercover officers. ODB was booked January 15 for suspected

attempted murder after authorities said he engaged cops in a fire

fight in Brooklyn. On Wednesday, ODB's attorney told reporters,

"The only individuals that fired shots were the police officers."

Lawyer Peter Frankel said police couldn't prove their version

of things because there was no gun recovered, there was no ballistics

evidence. ODB, 30, is due back in court Friday, when his attorney

expects charges will be formally dismissed. Word has it the ODB

is trying to get Madonna, among other acts to be on his upcoming

release.Rapper Ol' Dirty Bastard said on Thursday that he planned

to sue New York police after a grand jury ruled against indicting

the rapper on charges of attempted murder, weapons possession,

and assault.