Ol Dirty's Manager Responds To Child Support Accusations

The battle over Ol’

Dirty Bastard’s estate continues, as the late rapper’s manager and

mother responded to child support non-payment allegations issued by Dirty’s

estranged wife and mother of three of his children, Icelene Jones.

Last week, Jones held a press conference alleging that although

she has been appointed as the official care taker of Dirty’s estate, since

the rapper passed away in November of 2004.

Jones stated that neither she nor her children are set to receive

any royalties or funds from the rappers upcoming album A Son Unique,

scheduled to be released on the Damon Dash Music Group label on June 21st.

In 1997, the late rapper was arrested because he was $35,000

behind in child support payments to Jones, but Weisfeld said Ol' Dirty has made

hundreds of thousands of dollars to Jones.

“Since September 3rd, 1997 Russell Jones [Ol’ Dirty Bastard] has

paid Icelene Jones $272,906.97 in child support,” Weisfeld stated to AllHipHop.com.

“If Icelene hasn't received any money it is because she hasn't taken the

proper steps to create an estate.”

In addition to disputing the facts surrounding the unpaid child support allegations,

Weisfeld said it was in fact Cherry Jones, [Dirty’s mother], who insisted

on the DNA preservation for tests, not her daughter-in-law.

Icelene Jones produced a marriage certificate to a New York

Surrogate Court stating that she married the rapper on July 25, 1991. Jones

proclaimed that she was the court appointed representative of the rapper's estate

last week.

The couple has three children together and according to published reports,

Dirty sired at least seven other children starting in his teenage years.

Shortly after Dirty passed, the Jones’ began fighting over the rapper’s

estate, which had been largely controlled by Ol’ Dirty’s mother

Cherry Jones and manager Jarred Weisfeld.

“I have nothing against the other children,” Icelene Jones told

the API. “I've met some of them. If they are, they are. If they're not,

they're not. They're beautiful children -- the ones that I've seen. I preserved

DNA for this purpose."

Weisfeld said the Jones only has temporary control of Dirty’s estate

and accused Icelene Jones of being “greedy.”

“Mr. Dash wants all of [Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s] children to

benefit off this album, not just a certain three,” Weisfeld said. “Cherry

and I have always said that we want all the children to be taken care of, that’s

including Icelene's three.”