Old Dirty Bastard Caught In Philly


Dirty Bastard, who openly flaunted his escape to

authorities by performing last week, has been caught.

Less than a

week ago ODB vowed to a Crowd at New York 's Hammerstein Ballroom

that he would eat "like a bird," while the fugitive

performed with the rest of the Wu Tang Clan. The 31 year old

Wu Tang rapper was arrested at a McDonald's in Philly early

Tuesday (November 28), while he tried to place an order for

some food.

ODB had been

on the run from since October 17 when he escaped a Pasadena,

California, drug-rehabilitation center where he was committed

to for violating his probation. The violation stemmed from

1999 charges of wearing a bulletproof vest and making "terroristic"

threats. (As a felon, it is unlawful for ODB to wear a bulletproof

vest.) Also wanted for several alleged crimes in New York

City, Old Dirty was nabbed as he was recognized by a female

police officer while driving through the McDonald's drive-thru.

Ironically, the police officer claimed to be a fan of Wu Tang

and Old Dirty.

Because he is a flight risk,

a judge ordered Dirty held without bail in a Philadelphia

jail until December 7, when a hearing will determine whether

he is extradited to New York or back to California.