Old Dirty Gets 2 Years


Dirty Bastard was sentenced yesterday, (Wednesdy

July 18th), to 2-4 years in prison, for possesion of

20 vials of crack cocaine. According to reports, Ol

Dirty may have tried to hurt himself earlier at the

psychiatric ward where he currently being held.

Ol' Dirty

was in protective custody and is under suicide watch

Tuesday July 17th, prior to his sentencing.

"After he's sentenced, the state will do a physical

and mental exam, and they'll determine if he needs special

treatment while he's institutionalized and they'll make

the proper recommendation," Assistant District

Attorney Holder told sonicnet.com. "All we're trying

to do is get him into the state system, and that's what

Frankel (Ol Dirty's lawyer) is trying not to do. This

case has been going on and on for a while. Enough already.

Let's just move on with it."


mentality is totally different, he's not himself anymore,"

Ol' Dirty's wife, Icelene Jones said. "He's scared

to go back to jail because people are threatening to

kill him there," she continued. "Me and the

children know that he's not doing so well."