Oliver Stone's Movie 'Pinkville' Starring Xzibit Canceled

The ongoing writers strike in Hollywood has affected the career of rapper Xzibit, as the production of Oliver Stone’s movie Pinkville has been postponed.

Bruce Willis, Woody Harrelson and Channing Tatum were attached to Pinkville, which was written by Mikko Alanne.

The movie, which was set to be distributed by United Artists, is a war drama that tells the story of the 1968 My Lai Massacre in Vietnam carried out by U.S. soldiers.

Xzibit, born Alvin Nathaniel Joiner, was cast as a soldier who felt he carried out his role as a soldier in a moral way.

"The studio said that because of the ongoing labor action by the Writers Guild of America, neither Stone nor screenwriter Mikko Alanne, both of whom are members of the WGA, can work on the script revisions needed to get the film ready for production," United Artists said in a statement today (November 17).

Stone, Alanne and Willis all supported the decision to cancel the movie. As of press time, the movie has been postponed indefinitely.

Pinkville is the latest casualty of the Writers Guild of America’s strike, which started November 5.

Over 12,000 film and television writers are locked in a conflict with studios and networks over revenue earned through the Internet and other emerging new media.

Almost all of the entire production staff of NBC’s Saturday Night Live was laid off until further notice and the same is expected to happen for The Jay Leno Show.

Both shows have been airing reruns since November 5.