One Guard Fired, 3 Suspended In TI Video Aftermath

One guard was fired and three more were suspended

in connection with a prison scandal involving rapper TI and his filming an unauthorized

video in a Fulton County, Georgia jail.

Fulton County Sheriff Jackie Barrett fired Sergeant

Robert Sullivan yesterday (June 25). Sullivan oversaw the maximum security zone

where the rapper shot a promotional video for a concert last week.

Sullivan was fired despite his claims that he

was simply following orders.

"There's certain procedures that are followed

every time you move a prisoner in a maximum security area, and the procedure

was not followed and I think that was the primary reason for the termination,"

Barrett's attorney Manny Arora told Atlanta's Channel 11 News..

The night the video was being filmed, a woman

being booked escaped from the jail wearing medical scrubs for six hours.

The scandal has drawn attention to the jail's

poor track of letting inmates escape the past two years and it's crowded condition.

Clemon Floyd and Claude Neely were suspended

for 10 days without pay, while Rick Jones, who claims he's TI's godfather, was

suspended for 15 days.

Another guard's fate will be decided by Barrett

as early as Tuesday of next week.