One-Time Rivals Marley Marl And KRS-One Record Album

KRS-One and DJ

Marley Marl will sonically end one of the most infamous and revered beefs in

Hip-Hop history. The pair intends to drop a new album on Koch Records.

Both were involved

in a long-running dispute after Marley Marl and MC Shan recorded the seminal

1985 record, "The Bridge," an ode to Queensbridge, New York.

South Bronx MC

KRS-One, backed by Boogie Down Productions, took offense to the song, which

some say implies that Hip-Hop started in Queens.

KRS-One shot back

with "South Bronx," claiming the South Bronx as the true birthplace

of Hip-Hop.

Several other dis

records were released at the height of the battle, including MC Shan's "Kill

That Noise" and KRS One's "The Bridge Is Over."

With the saturation

of beef in the Hip-Hop market, Marley said that he wanted to make a definitive

statement to the youth.

Marley stated that

the process of recording this album with KRS-One started simply.

"It all happened

with one phone call," Marley Marl told "They called

me and he jumped on the phone and told me it would be spectacular for Hip-Hop."

As a producer,

Marley Marl has helped launch the careers of Hip-Hop talents like the Juice

Crew's Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Master Ace, Craig G, Roxanne Shante and MC

Shan, among others.

Additionally, Marley

resuscitated LL Cool J's career when he produced "Mama Said Knock You Out"

and hit it big producing early hits for R&B group TLC.

"My reason

for doing this is to show these kids that [Hip-Hop beefs] are not that serious,"

he concluded.

The Queensbridge

legend further stated that KRS-One was still laying vocals, but he was extremely

excited to be working with his one-time rival. "He's finishing up his portion.

It's gonna be crazy," Marley stated. "We got sick beats."

The untitled album

is slated to hit stores this summer.