Open Letter From Kool Keith


letter from Kool Keith to his fans:

"Dear Fans,

This is Kool Keith. This is my first time writing you all personally,

because this is a serious issue. I love all my fans, but I am

a little bit angry with my record company. Aren't you mad? I am

on a big label, but I am getting no promotion. The label [Ruffhouse/Columbia]

fucked up a lot of stuff that you kids want to have access to.

The video should be on TV for you kids to see. The video was done

before my tour. You can call and email the following people to

ask them what's going on. My project is available, but I know

it's hard for you not to get any of the material, and latest updates.

You should really e-mail these people constantly, to give you

the information that you need about the Black Elvis CD.

Visually, radio

time, show updates, and next singles and albums. You can email

these people 24 hours a day, and you will get a response. Write

in your complaints about the album not being seen in your local

stores, or wherever you can't find Kool Keith product. Email these

people and tell them why you're angry that you haven't seen my

new video. Email these people 24 hours a day nonstop, you will

get a response. Ask for wigs, product, posters, videos, radio,

and etc. And that's it."

Keith feels that Columbia is not

pushing his projects, and that his website isn't updated enough.