Oprah Winfrey Cuts Russell Simmons From Best Selling Book


The Queen of All Things, Oprah Winfrey, has cut Russell Simmons from a book on spirituality.

(AllHipHop News) Oprah Winfrey no longer has an affinity for Russell Simmons due to the many sexual allegations against the Hip-Hop mogul.

Oprah has decided to remove Simmons from future editions of her spiritual book “The Wisdom of Sundays”. The book is a New York Times best seller and is heralded for its life-changing themes.

However, starting in February - ironically Black History Month - Oprah's book will continue to be produced without Simmons's previous contribution.

Oprah has not stated formally why her mogul friend was removed from the book, but The New York Times reported it was a joint decision between her and the book publisher.

A victim of abuse, Oprah is a strong supporter of the #MeToo Movement.

Simmons has not commented on the move.

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Oprah knew Harvey and Russel...did business with both and she had no clue?