Oregon Officials Label E-40 Gangsta Rapper, Show Canceled

E-40's scheduled concert

in Oregon last night (Dec. 11) was canceled due to authorities' fear of alcohol

sales, the show's content and possible gang violence. The performance

was supposed to be held at a teen dance club called VIBES, but was called off

after Director Tom Cole discovered that several police and Medford City Council

members opposed the show."We found

out [E-40] was a gangster rapper," Councilman Skip Knight told the Medford

Mail Tribune. "We thought that was inappropriate for our town. We don't

want somebody stirring up a gang issue, and this guy promotes that stuff."Fliers promoting

the show also mentioned that a beer garden would be accessible for adults in

the upper level of VIBES, which is run by Kids Unlimited, an organization that

offers after-school programs and services for about 1,000 young people a week.Police gave City

Council members a list of calls local police have had to respond to at VIBES

in the past, Knight said, though he was unclear whether any of the incidents

happened at E-40's previous shows at the venue.According to Coles,

the Bay Area rapper's appearances at VIBES in 2001 and 2003 were free of disruptions.

"There weren't

any problems with assaults...or with gangs congregating, or anything like that,"

Cole said. "I feel like he has been real sensitive in the past, knowing

it's a younger crowd."The concert would

have conflicted with Kids Unlimited's aim to help underprivileged youths."We had concerns

people would get pretty wound up,"

said Medford Police Chief Eric Mellgren."We just want to make sure downtown is safe."E-40 was not available

for comment at press time.