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Our people so quick to turn on each other rather than try to understand what people are saying. If someone kidnaps u, of course u did not choose to be kidnapped, but it's your choice to try to escape or just give up and submit. So if you choose to submit, you become that persons slave forever. If u choose to try to escape, you chose to risk your life for your freedom. That's what's he's saying. Stop skipping the 400 years part.

You have almost no understanding of slavery or the institution of racism.

Illseed... yet snoopy goes directly to racism by slamming Kanye's family. Whom is clearly a loving supporting family. It shouldn't matter to ANYONE whom somebody chooses to live their life with! Race bashing Kanye's family is a very outdated way of thinking.... it's time for people to live and let live and for celebrities to mind their own business .. frankly from what I've seen of snoopy he ONLY cares about felons and wife beaters. His opinions of family values are of no use...