Outkast And Nike Hookup To Help Youth


has hooked up with Nike Youth Action Program, which will assist

children in helping to bring about positive change in their

communities. The program is designed to encourage youth's to

speak up out and foster dialogue, to help prevent violence.

The program will

donate $1000 grants to nonprofit youth organizations on nine

of Outkast's 40 tour dates. While Outkast is visiting these

organizations, they will speak on the need for activism. The

participants will receive free tickets to the concert.

As we reported last

month, Outkast will launch their clothing line in the fall.

While speaking to Rolling Stone, Dre said: "It's going

to be top of the line urban wear, High end type stuff."

They also revealed they would be doing a film. "Yeah, we're

going to do a film, we're working on the script right now. But

I can't tell you about it. Just look out for it, okay? Cooly-cool."