Outkast Gets Sued Over “Ms. Jackson”

Outkast is at the center of another lawsuit. A Florida woman claims she was the real person that penned their 2001 hit “Ms. Jackson” and has filed a lawsuit to legally address her grievance.

Jacqueline Jackson also claims that she was the person rapped about in the hit song, which addresses the plight of the “baby momma’s momma.” In her suit, Jackson alleges that she wrote “Ms. Jackson” after her daughter Monique was impregnated as a teenager. He maintains that the song was stolen by Antonio Seals, a former business partner of Outkast. Seals also reportedly went to high school with the Andre 3000 and Big Boi.

The suit has been filed in Atlanta, GA. She told television show “Celebrity Justice," “They owe me because that was the fruit of my labor and I don't think they should reap the complete reward.”

Representatives for Outkast were unavailable at press time. The pair remain embroiled in legal wrangling with Civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks. A settlement is reportedly being negotiated.