Outkast Jumps Into ‘Adult Toys’

Hip-hop entrepreneurship might have just gotten too big for its britches, among other things. As their album, Speakerboxxx/ The Love Below, is expected to easily top the charts, Outkast plans to start a line of adult toys.

Whether the duo of Andre and Big Boi are serious truly remains to be seen, but the pair claims to be founding a start-up business called the Outlast Vibrator Company. The first product is slated to be the “Big Boi 3000.”

"We should have put it out with this album. I hope [people] get a lot of enjoyment out of it. Right at the point where you are about to climax a beat will play like, ("I'm climaxing")," Big Boi told AllHipHop.com with a heavy does of humor.

The product line is strictly for the ladies, the group explained, and they would be available for “home testing.”

Oddly enough, this isn’t hip-hop’s first leap into adult self-gratification. Earlier this year Lil’ Kim announced that she would be help create a life-size, anatomically correct blow-up doll.

In addition to the “Big Boi 3000, Outkast continues to maintain Outkast Clothing company, Big Boi’s Pitfall Kennels, Dre’s Seven Aire paintings, and the newly created Outkast Foundation, their charitable leg.