Outkast, Rosa Parks Close To Reaching Settlement

Rosa Parks is close to reaching a settlement with Outkast. The settlement would end a five year battle between the two parties over the song "Rosa Parks."Under terms of settlement, Outkast's record label Arista will produce CD's and DVD's aimed at educating hip-hop fans about Parks and the struggle for civil rights in Montgomery, Alabama.Arista attempted to settle the suit by holding a benefit concert to honor Parks, with the proceeds going to charity, but Parks rejected the offer.Parks' lawyers are also trying to determine a financial settlement relating to damages Outkast's song may have done to A Tribute To Rosa Parks, which has sold over 1 million copies.The Supreme Court recently intervened in the case and allowed Parks to proceed with her lawsuit against the group.Outkast claims they are protected by the First Amendment, but Parks says the group used her name, which is trademarked, without permission.