Outkast's Double LP On Pace To Sell 500k In First Week

In addition to

being hailed as one of the best album's of the year, Outkast's sixth album and

double CD Speakerboxxx/The Love Below is on pace to move over 500,000

copies in it's first week in stores and is expected to debut at number 1 on

Billboard's Top 200 albums chart.

"This album,

it captures every aspect of life," Andre 3000 told AllHipHop.com. "I

mean it's something you can party to, it's something you can make love to, you

can go do a drive-by on someone or you can ride in the car with your mama with

some of them."

According to sources,

Arista is having slight problems keeping pace with consumers appetites for the

long awaited album, which is selling across the country.

"I went to

Best Buy to get a DVD and you would have thought there was a dag on riot,"

one fan told AllHipHop.com "All these people waiting for the stock boy

to bring another box of Outkast CD's out!"

The double disc

features Andre 3000 in a new incarnation, mostly as an R&B singer, while

Big Boi sticks to a rap regiment.

"We just do

all kinds of music so it isn't really one type of format we fit in," Dre

continued. "If an urban radio station wants to play OutKast songs that's

great, but if we create a song and a urban station don't want to play it, hey

we can't make them play it."

Dre produced the

majority of his disc, "The Love Below" and played most of the instruments,

including the keyboards and the majority of drum programming. He also plays

guitar on almost every song.

The album is moving

on the success of Dre's "Hey Ya" and Big Boi's "The Way You Move."

Because the demand

for the album was so great, the album will chart early on BillBoard's R*B/Hip-Hop

Album's chart, due to one day sales and street violations, where stores sell

the album before the official release date.


Love Below is priced as a normal CD for a limited time and is in stores