Outkast's Dre To Star With Morgan Freeman

Andre Benjamin, OutKast's Andre 3000, will make

his film debut with acclaimed actor Morgan Freeman in "Love Haters,"

set to be released in 2003 in association with Dre's first solo project in March.

Incidentally, the title track is "Love Hater."

Dre's character "Valentine" falls in love with a lower-class Caucasian

girl and they encounter problems with both families opposing their relationship

along the way. The girl's brother causes a deadly shooting and this causes the

couple to run.

Morgan Freeman, who co-stars with Dre says this

is the type of movie he's been hoping to make for a long time. Freeman told

the Hollywood Reporter, "I've been planning on making a film in the vein

of 'Badlands,' 'Bonnie and Clyde' and 'Midnight Cowboy' for years, a character-driven

adventure that feels as if it were actually made in the '70s. I'm extremely

excited to work with [Dre 3000], whose message behind his solo single 'Love

Hater' is the same as my vision of the film's message. Both are asking the same

questions - questions we don't understand regarding love and how it can hurt

us more than help."

In addition to Dre's solo project, he is scheduled to provide the film with

a soundtrack.