Outkast Snags Two Grammy Awards

Outkast beat

out heavy competition at the 44th annual Grammy Awards last night. Despite going

up against huge records by Jay-Z and Ja Rule, Outkast's Stankonia took

home the gold for Best Rap Album Of The Year. The group also snagged the gold

for Best Rap Performance By A Duo Or Group.

Lil Kim was elated as she held her first Grammy

up to show off, as she walked around in a red leather biker outfit complete

with a helmet. . "Everybody thought it was going to be non-stop catfights. But

we were all really supportive of each other, and there's a lot of talk about

working together again. We get along like sisters, and I mean sisters who love

each other." "Lady Marmalade" snagged an award for Best Pop Collaboration

With Vocals. Lil Kim was also hyped up to be working with Patti Labelle. "I

was on the phone with my mother the whole time we were rehearsing - 'Mom, guess

what she's wearing now?!" Kim said.

Missy Elliot, who also shared the Grammy for

"Lady Marmalade" also won a Grammy for her song, "Get Ur Freak

On," which won an award for Best Rap Solo Performance. "I need to

get back to the crib and get a shot of something to make sense of all this,"

she said about winning two Grammy's.