Outlawz File Lawsuit


Outlawz have filed a

4.5 Million dollar lawsuit against Death Row Records, Interscope

Records, Suge Publishing, Suge Knight Films, and the imprisoned

Suge Knight. The suit filed in Los Angeles cites 11 complaints,

including unfair business practices, breach of contract and racketeering.

The group entered into a contract with Death Row in 1997, and

that the label refused to release the record.

The group maintains that because

Death Row didn't give them notice of that they were extending

the groups contract, that their contract expired around May 6,

1999. Death Row then released 2Pac + The Outlawz, Still I Rise.

The groups attorneys sent a Cease And Desist letter to Death Row

and Interscope, and to stop the sale of the Death Row Uncut video,

unless the group receives proper compensation.