Outlawz Resurrect Tupac's 'One Nation' Dream

Former Tupac protégés the Outlawz have announced the reinstatement of Shakur’s One Nation project, set to be launched in Australia, as the start of an international tour next month.

One Nation originally began as a concept developed between Tupac and the Outlawz.

The philosophical aim of the project was to bring together people from all backgrounds through the power of music, the universal human language.

To achieve that aim, Tupac envisioned One Nation as a unified front of artists from all genres of music.

At the time of his death, Shakur had begun this enacting this theory with a collaborative album with Brooklyn’s Boot Camp Clik, entitled One Nation.

Due to his death and contractual issues, an official release for the album has never happened.

Now with the 12 year anniversary of Tupac’s murder looming, The Outlawz are ready to take Tupac’s last goal to an international audience.

“This is our way to give back to the fans overseas. They always show us nothing but love and they keep bringing us back,” an appreciative Young Noble explained. “Our international fan base really appreciates the kind of music we do!”

The September Australia tour will feature the Outlawz collaborating with Aussie vocalists, rock, and Hip-Hop artists.

The events will be chronicled in a documentary named Outlawz Worldwide: Volume 2.

The DVD will also include highlights from the Tupac Still Breathin Tour in Australia along with footage of the recording process with top Aussie artists.

In addition to the One Nation project, the group will drop a double LP entitled Outlawz and Hip-Hop TV Presents America 2 Australia: the Best of the Best.

For the Outlawz, the Land Down Under was an unexpected, but welcomed starting point to begin spreading Tupac’s One Nation concept.

“They love and support real Hip-Hop and Australia really has great artists too,” Young Noble states. “We are very excited about going back for this tour and looking forward to recording this album will all the top Aussie talent!”

The Outlawz are currently promoting their latest studio album We Want In, released on August 5.

For more information on the tour, visit www.OutlawzMedia.net