P. Diddy Breaks Da Band Apart; Dylan Unhappy With Editing

Sean “P.Diddy” Combs finally made good

on his word and dismantled Da Band, the group of six individuals that were followed

on MTV’s “Making the Band 2.” But, former member Dylan disputes

the televised version of the finale show last night on television.

On the show, Diddy was seen talking harshly

to Dylan, but the dancehall artist refuted the portrayal of him being removed

from the rap mogul’s residence, where the group lived for the season. “Get

the f**k out my house,” Diddy said repeatedly to Dylan.

“On the show, they showed Diddy kicking

me out of the house, but they took a clip of him bugging out before and made

it look like it was the time that he kicked me out,” Dylan said to AllHipHop.com.

“You can’t talk to me any way. There is so much editing on that s**t.

He didn’t even kick me out like that.” (Click

here to see the full feature on Dylan.)

But, on a whole, Diddy said that Da Band devalued

the vast possibilities that stood before them.

“The moral of the story is you have to

take advantage of your opportunities and you have to give love to your craft,''

he told the Associated Press. “If you don't, you can achieve a dream, but

it can also be dissolved.”

On Thursday, the mogul said that he broke the

group apart because he was weary of the bickering, fighting and lackadaisical

attitude towards their music.

“Initially my goal with Da Band was to

make sure the world saw realistically how serious Hip-Hop was. So at times it

was kind of embarrassing to me the way they were portraying themselves, not

taking it as serious as most artists take this art form,” he said.

“The venture with Da Band was successful

because it had the TV backing. But at the end of the day, it's not worth me

getting money for something I think misrepresents what Bad Boy and Hip-Hop is


The group sold an impressive 800,000 on their

first musical outing, Too Hot For TV, but there will be no sophomore

album from Da Band. Some shows featured a record number of bleeped curse words,

but the show frequently dominated its nightly time slot.

Two members of Da Band, Babs and Ness, were

kept as Bad Boy solo artists, Fred refused to return from his home in Florida

and Sara was home with her husband and children. Young City (aka Chopper) has

also been reportedly retained on Diddy’s Bad Boy South imprint.

Diddy may produce another “Making The Band”

with MTV in the future, but has not confirmed such plans.