P.Diddy, MTV Criticized By NY Neighbors

MTV's show "Making The Band 2" and

P. Diddy have come under fire from residents in Greenwich Village in New York,

where the show is being filmed.

MTV rented two combined brownstone townhouses

for the show and neighbors are complaining of loitering, noise and cigarette

butts being left on the sidewalk.

Residents in the area said that S.U.V.'s with

tinted windows and kids with backwards baseball hats were also not appropriate

for the neighborhood.

Next door neighbor Mileen Roberts has circulated

a petition to get rid of Diddy and MTV.

Police said that they were unaware of any complaints

and that police have never been dispatched to the location.

Prior to filming, the police warned MTV that

the neighbors were sensitive to noise.

"There is no problem with the majority of

neighbors - just a couple of rabble rousers," Daniel Kohs told the New

York Villager.

"We have rented this out before to a major

motion picture.... I'm actually a little suspicious that the problem is that

it's MTV and 'Making the Band,' not the filming itself. There's a form of prejudice

that is being laundered as noise complaints. There was 10 times more street

commotion with the last production...."

MTV declined to comment on the issue, but filming

will continue despite the neighbors complaints.

"We have decided not to make any comments,

whether it makes us look worse or not," said MTV spokesperson, Eileen Quast.