P.Diddy Not Happy With War

Entrepreneur and entertainer Sean "P. Diddy"

Combs recently voiced his displeasure with the war on Iraq.

Combs learned of the war's commencement while

on stage in Miami and the hip-hop mogul was greatly startled by the announcement.

"I was told that while I was onstage the

war started. I'm definitely pro-peace, I'm anti-war. I've been praying that

this day wouldn't happen," Combs said.

"I'm against the way this situation has

gone down. My prayers go out to all the innocent lives that are going to be

lost in Iraq.

"We have it good. Nobody's invading America.

They're not blowing up everything around us. We can't imagine what these people

and children are going through. It seems that everything that could have been

done was not done to try and avoid this war."

Critical of President George W. Bush in the past,

Comb's feels that his responsibility as a celebrity mandates he be vocal about

his feelings on the war.

"We have a role and responsibility to speak

out. We're all entitled to our opinions. Whatever we can do to make things better,

we should - even if it's just speaking through our music," Combs added.