P.E. Says 'F**ck War' With Moby

Public Enemy has teamed with Moby to record an anti-war

song timed for release near this year’s summer Olympic games.

The song, titled “MKLVFKWR” which is

an acronym for “make love, f**k war,” features Chuck D. and Flavor

Flav rapping about the current status of the world and in reaction to the war

in Iraq.

The song was recorded for an official Olympic

compilation album titled Unity, which also features contributions from

Xzibit, Black Eyed Peas group member will.i.am, Destiny’s Child and others.

The 16-track album also includes artists from

15 other countries and was recorded under the theme of harmony and peace.

“MKLVFKWR” will drop on the Mute label

as a 12 inch single only, while the album is slated for a July 12 release date.