P.Miller Announces Benefit Superbowl Concert for Haiti Teens

(AllHipHop News) Fresh off the New Orleans Saints securing their first Superbowl berth, entrepreneur P.Miller will helm a Superbowl benefit concert to assist in rebuilding Haiti's schools.

A New Orleans native, Miller witnessed the destruction of Hurricane Katrina firsthand, and has made it a goal to prevent Haitian children from losing their education needs during the rebuilding process.

“Seeing the process that the Hurricane Katrina victim kids have gone through, I understand the importance of the immediate need to help start the recovering and rebuilding process for education and getting kids back into the school system,” Miller explained to AllHipHop.com. “The earthquake has destroyed many schools. I’m teaming up with young entertainers, throwing a concert, and reaching out to young stars that want to make a difference. Kids can get involved and make a difference in Haiti.”

Miller's work will be filtered through iHeartHaitiKids.org, which offers donation opportunities ranging from $25-$1000.

As with peers Wycelf Jean and Trina, Miller hopes everyone in the Hip-Hop community will mobilize long-term relief efforts well beyond Haiti’s front-page news coverage.

"Your donation will also be used towards the rebuilding of their schools, school supplies and books; putting these devastated kids on track to receive a proper education in their recovery process,” Miller continued. “This is definitely not an overnight process, this will take several years. You can log onto iHeartHaitiKids.org to do your part. I’m also proud of the way that the Hip-Hop industry has stepped up with all of the celebrities making a difference. Just remember, there are so many kids in Haiti that still need help. Donations big and small, together we can make a difference.”

For further information and donation opportunities, please visit iHeartHaitiKids.org.

At press time, P.Miller has not announced the concert’s full lineup for Superbowl weekend.