P.Miller Launches Youth Mentorship Program

AllHipHop Staff

Veteran mogul P.Miller is continuing his extensive community service efforts through the newly enacted P.Miller Mentorship Program.

The philanthropic, youth-centered program aims to “prepare, guide, and educate people so that they can make the right decisions.”

According to Miller, the current economic crisis is highlighting the essential need for financial literacy among minorities, especially young people.

“Education is the key to success in generational wealth. Without education, some of us may reach our financial goals but never truly benefit from its longevity,” Miller explained to AllHipHop.com. “Most of us experience short term success where we'd make some money but are not able to maintain or multiply it because we don't have the proper education nor do we have the resources. Jail houses are overcrowded and school attendance is at an all time low. The slump in the economy has caused a panic. Due to a lack of knowledge, people are afraid or simply don't know how to adjust their lifestyles, make career changes, nor start their own businesses.”

The P.Miller Mentorship Program will launch at schools and businesses in Los Angeles and New Orleans.

At selected locations, Miller will speak on his past successes and mistakes throughout his professional and personal life.

P.Miller’s previous successful youth programs have resulted in him receiving the prestigious Social Justice Award, making him the first Hip-Hop mogul bestowed with the honor.

Additionally, the New Orleans entrepreneur is formulating a national play which tackles the issues of money, fame, and education through a Hip-Hop gospel perspective.

“It's time to get involved because we as a culture are dying,” Miller disclosed. “Unlike other cultures, those with the proper knowledge are not passing along the essential information to the next generation to build our culture. Our mentorship program caters to young people in developing a brighter future and education. As a grown man, I still seek information because education is changing every day. But we, as teachers, need to be willing to spread that knowledge to others.”

Miller believes that ideal of being a teacher extends to his fellow celebrities, who sometimes shun revealing wisdom from past mistakes that can better their community.

“If Will Smith taught or even talked about his past tax situation, many of us wouldn't have had to experience similar situations.” Miller stated. “If Halle Berry spoke out about her past abusive relationships, maybe the Rihanna and Chris Brown incident would never have occurred. As parents, if we were more open about our past mistakes, our children would be victors not victims. I sit back and think about the time I sat on the panel with T.I. called 'America vs. Hip-Hop'. I remember telling T.I. that we can't be afraid to grow up and be responsible. He didn't get it then.

"But I am a strong believer of 'If people are expose to knowledge, they can change," Miller continued. "Therefore, we deserve a second chance.' If God forgives we should be forgiving as well. I'm proud of T.I. for growing up. With this mentorship program, we could help save other young brothers and sisters by helping them get a good start in life without having to make the same mistakes that we've made."

At press time, P.Miller has not revealed the locations or start date for the program.