P. Miller Replaces Guns With Cameras Via New Foundation

Rap mogul P. Miller is providing youth an alternative to a violent life on the streets, with the creation of his Who’s Behind the Shooting and Save Our Kids Foundation.

Miller told AllHipHop.com that the program will focus on saving lives by taking guns out of the hands of inner city youth and replace the weapons with video cameras.

Participants will use the cameras to offer another way of spending their time and energy by educating and motivating other kids to chronicle their activities with their own camera.

With the Who’s Behind the Shooting and Save Our Kids foundation, Miller hopes to provide the same guidance for youth that he received, which allowed him to change his focus in life with a positive mind state.

"I was able to change my life by having someone believe in me," Miller told AllHipHop.com, revealing that he aligned with Veda Burton of Rage Entertainment and Karla Huff of Dream Talent Management to create the program.

"We are three hardworking parents that just want to see all kids have a future,” Miller said. “For us, this is not about making money, it's about doing our part and helping these kids fulfill their dreams.”

In addition to learning how to use the video cameras, the Who’s Behind the Shooting program exposes youth to possible entrepreneurial opportunities through diverse aspects of the performing arts.

Participants will also be able to get in front of the camera for acting, singing and dancing as well as go behind the scenes to learn about filming, editing and producing.

The launch of the foundation comes as youth deal with various issues that include violence, drugs, teenage pregnancy, and crime.

Despite the obstacles, Miller is confident his program can help kids turn their negative situations into a positive.

“We have a diverse group of kids that are doing the all the right things,” the Better Black TV CEO stated. “They could easily be gangbanging, committing crimes, taking or selling drugs. These young people have a purpose. The sole requirement for the program is that you need to be a good student and understand the importance of education.”