P.Miller, Romeo Give Out Christmas Gifts in Watts

Entrepreneur P.Miller and son Romeo made sure thousands of children this year in Watts, California had a good Christmas after dispersing a U-Haul truck full of toys.

In partnership with the non-profits Reachback LA and OneMillionGifts.org, Miller and Romeo supplied the gifts over several hours to a line of recipients that spanned five blocks around the Bradley/Milken Youth and Family Building.

The predominantly African-American and Latino Watts neighborhood has a history of gang warfare, and was hit particularly hard with several deaths this December.

Chico Brown, founder of the at-risk youth organization Reachback LA, praised the Millers for their hands-on community involvement.

“I just left a funeral a couple days ago. These senseless gang related deaths have to stop,” Brown explained to AllHipHop.com. “It definitely helps to have P. Miller and Romeo constantly be a part of these kids lives in our community, it gives them hope. A lot of these kids look up to Romeo who plays basketball and attends USC which is located in South Central LA. The Millers have been participating and funding this program for four years now. We’re without doubt very thankful for all of the toys and clothes but I think the best gift that these kids have received from P. Miller and Romeo is their time spent in the community.”

This year, P.Miller has visited 25 cities with the goal of distributing one million gifts nationwide. According OneMillionGits.org VP Amber Johns, the objective for 2010 is to double their efforts and reach 50 cities.

“There are so many other communities like this one. Together we can make a difference,” John told AllHipHop.com in a statement. “We’ve been able to help so many less fortunate families. We’re so thankful for all of the donations from individuals and organizations. Every dollar counts and every volunteer makes a difference. We especially appreciate Six Flags Friends for being our toy donations depot. After the Christmas holidays, we will continue fundraising and reaching out to individuals and corporations for our 2010 mission to help more families.”

Those interested in volunteering or donating can visit www.OneMillionGifts.org or www.ReachbackLA.org.