P. Miller Stresses Education and Healthy Eating With It’s Time Tour

(AllHipHop News)

A healthy lifestyle and a desire to learn were the key points

emphasized by rap mogul P. Miller, who kicked off the It's Time to

Fatten Our Brain's Not Our Bodies tour Friday (April 23) at 61st Street

Elementary School in Los Angeles.


No Limit Records founder, along with his son Romeo and congresswoman

Maxine Water, were on hand for the event, which featured entertainment

and appearances from Cymphonique, Fabulous Girls, Lil King, Veno, Miss

Tami and The College Boyys. For Miller, the time is now to take a stand

in light of the current obesity crisis in the U.S.


to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 67 percent of adults

are overweight or obese. In 2001, the American Academy of Child and

Adolescent Psychiatry estimated that between 16 and 33 percent of

children and adolescents were obese.


cause is about the kids. It’s about eating right, exercising and the

most important, education,” Miller told Hollywood.tv. “These kids are

our future. It’s Time Kids is an organization that stepped up and said

‘You know what? Let’s get our kids into shape and let’s make sure they

have the proper nutrition. They understand the importance of exercise.”


recent years, efforts to combat childhood obesity have received

national exposure, courtesy of First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move

national campaign. The effort works to help kids become more physically

active aswell as provide healthier food in schools and support

for parents while making healthy, affordable food available in every

part of the country. The Let’s Move website reports that obesity rates

have tripled in the past 30 years, thereby threatening the healthy

future of one third of all American children. As a result, the life

expectancy of children may be shorter than their parents, a first in

the history of the country.


involvement in the fight against childhood obesity did not go unnoticed

by Miller, who applauded the First Lady’s determination towards

tackling the issue.


you think about the president’s wife, Miss Michelle Obama, this is a

movement that is spreading across the country. I definitely like to

thank the first lady for steppin’ up,” the mogul stated. “We’re just

gonna keep it going. Our focus is the urban community, the urban

culture and to make sure that our kids stay fit, stay in shape. When

you look at our kids in our culture, we have a lot of obese kids in the

community, a lot of kids dying from obesity and we want to fix this

problem. This is a problem that can be fixed by getting to these

younger kids and saying ‘It’s easy to catch up now than have to catch

up later.’"


program created by the nonprofit organization Urban Born, It’s Time

Kids is dedicated to helping inner-city youth attain success physically

with an emphasis on healthy living and mentally through stressing the

importance of education.


want you guys to realize that you can be successful if you believe in

yourself. Think about it, believe in yourself, right, work hard and do

the right things,” Miller expressed to those attending the It’s Time

event. “We can be more than athletes and entertainers. We have an

African American president.”


echoed Miller as she showed her appreciation to the rap star and Urban

Born founder Johnel Langerston for taking time out “to help you to

understand how you can be healthy, how you can be smart, how you can

grow up to have a career and how you can have a good life. How many

people want to have a good life?


though I know you’re depending on mom and dad to do a lot of things

that have to do with your health and your education…you can do things

for yourself,” the congresswoman added. “When you eat right you won’t

get too fat because if you’re too fat then you can’t do all the things

you want to do. And so If you really want to have fun, if you want to

ride your bicycles, if you want to do things and not get too tired then

you gotta eat right.”


more stops planned for the It’s Time tour, Miller is confident the

outing will resonate with all who hear its message to kids to stay in

school, actively hit the books, eat healthy and exercise.


is more than coming to one school. This is definitely a movement, said

the businessman, who deemed the trek as “a call to action. “We hittin’

all the schools across the country. This is a global experience and

this is for our kids. It’s for our culture.”