Pac's Former Bodyguard Makes Film

The person responsible for making sure no harm came Tupac Shakur’s body up until his death is producing a film in conjunction with Xenon films. Bodyguard Frank Alexander, a former body builder and ex-marine, has recently produced a film, "Before I Wake," to offer his side of the never-ending saga of Pac.

The title is taken from the popular children’s prayer, because, according to Alexander, Tupac died before he was truly awake. The documentary contains previously unreleased footage of Tupac recording Until The End of Time, his final recording and photos from Alexander’s personal collection. Alexander and others also offer new theories behind the unsolved murder of his former client.

Alexander says he rotated shifts with four or his employed bodyguards to protect the elusive rapper. "I was Tupac's personal bodyguard. It was a challenge. Tupac drove like he had a brick at the bottom of his foot. He never shook me. I accepted him, he accepted me and we became friends," he told EURweb.

Even though Tupac died while being under his watch, Alexander doesn’t feel as if the murder is on his hands. "No one can judge me but God. Tupac's mother Afeni doesn't blame me for Tupac's death. I'm not trying to profit from Tupac's death,” he said.

As is the norm with and Tupac-related material, fans and non-fans are polarized on their opinions of “Before I Wake.” “This piece puts all the puzzle pieces together of what really happened the night of Tupac's death, “ Carla from Chicago said of the film. But Ameer from Durham, NC said, “Frank Alexander is an impostor who is using his position as Pac's ex body guard to make a quick buck. Frank. He made no effort to make this a fair balanced piece.”

Xenon Pictures has produced a number of films about hip-hop including Thug Immortal (Another Tupac documentary), Welcome to Death Row and the Wu-Tang Classic Collection and The Eastsidaz: You can Keep A Top Dogg Down.