Pacman Jones Incident Vid w/ Nelly, Dupri Surfaces

AllHipHop Staff

A just released amateur video has shed light on the 2007 Las Vegas strip club incident that resulted in the NFL suspension of Adam “Pacman” Jones, and three individuals being shot.

The video, which will be used in the attempted murder trial of accused shooter Arvin Edwards, shows Jones and Nelly throwing thick wads of cash (“making it rain”) at the various gyrating strippers in the venue.

Upon realizing he’s being filmed, Nelly motions for the cameraman to take him out of the shots.

According to statements later given to police, Jones disclosed that he brought nearly $100,000 into the club, and had $40,000 of it converted to $1 bills for extended distribution amongst the dancers.

Throughout the night, the NFL star kept the majority of the funds hidden in a black trash bag.

When Jones joined Jermaine Dupri on stage, the So So Def CEO began chastising the dancers for picking up their tips before the music set ended.

"We gonna show y'all how to make it rain,” Dupri bellowed. “I’m Jermaine Dupri, alright. Y’all are here to dance. Don't bend down and try to get your money. Don't start getting the money until I tell y'all to get off the stage. Y’all just keep f**king dancing!"

Details next vary. Several eyewitnesses, including Jones, have given conflicting statements.

Jones maintains a fight broke out between strippers over the money he’d dispersed. When he attempted to break it up, he claims that several bouncers accosted him while the club promoter ran off with his money-filled trash bag.

Outside, Jones said he was approached by Arvin Edwards, who offered to get his money back for him.

Minutes later, it’s alleged that Edwards opened fire in the club. The gunfire hit three, including shift manager Tom Urbanski, who was left paralyzed from the waist down courtesy of a bullet that entered his chest and lodged into his spine.

The Dallas Cowboys officially parted ways with Jones earlier this year, mostly due to the fallout from the strip club incident.

At press time, Adam “Pacman” Jones is scheduled to testify as a star witness in the prosecution’s case against Arvin Edwards.

The tentative trial date, originally set for this week, has been moved to February 2010.