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RIAA Files Hundreds Of Lawsuits Against File Traders

The Recording Industry Association of America filed hundreds of lawsuits against consumers who engage in file sharing, accusing individuals of illegally downloading and sharing copyrighted material. The lawsuits, which numbered 261, were filed in courts around the country by the RIAA, who represents Sony, EMI, BMG, Universal Music and Warner Music. The RIAA said this […]

Beanie Sigel Bail Revoked

A judge revoked Beanie Sigel’s bid to leave federal prison and enter into a drug rehabilitation and anger management program, after the man he allegedly shot claimed he received daily threats. Terrence Speller, who claims Sigel is the man who shot him in the stomach and foot at a Philadelphia bar, testified that he and […]

Noreaga Busted

Queens bred Victor "Noreaga" Santiago of rap group Capone-N-Noreaga, was arrested yesterday after authorities found marijuana in an SUV the rapper was driving. According to police reports, Santiago’s Humvee was stopped in Manhattan after police received a report of someone brandishing a gun before getting into an identical vehicle. While no weapon was reported to […]