Pantene Disses Royce Da 5'9


of the Pro-Voice concert may not understand what the words

"Pro-Voice" really mean, if their actions speak

for their organization. Pop artist and Pantene Spokesperson

Willa Ford features Royce Da

5'9 on her song "I Wanna Be Bad"

from her recently released album, Willa Was Here.

Royce has been touring with Ford and was slated to appear

with her today (Thursday July 19th) in New York City at

the Pantene Pro-Voice Finalist Concert.


to management for Royce, Pantene felt the artist would

bring "the wrong element" to the show, and he

was told he was not welcome to perform. Royce and his

management are upset at the move.


is another indictment and generalization of a music form

that is both a vital and valid part of the arts,"

said a management spokesperson. "To consider rap

'the wrong element' is narrow-minded and ignorant. Royce

DA 5'9" has performed many times with Willa Ford,

much to the delight of both of their fans. They're showing

unity and common ground transcending musical styles, race,

and gender."