Papoose and Nation of Thugacation Rep For 'Educated Thugs'


some MCs would be content celebrating a new $1.5 million label deal with Jive,

Brooklyn-bred rapper Papoose is already planning his future with the rap group

the Nation of Thugacation. According

to Papoose, group members Tydro, Snipe, Odogg, Flip, Cbrown, Ike enfa diamonds,

and R&B singer Maleeke will have cameos on the rapper's upcoming major-label

debut, Nacirema Dream (American spelled backwards)."We

represent what you call an educated thug--more about knowledge of self,"

Papoose told "We specialize in things like knowing the law.

It's not fortunate for brothers to be incarcerated or catch cases, but if you

do you should know the law. Knowing the law might be the difference between jail

time and not getting jail time." The

group is also recording an upcoming mixtape, to be helmed by in-house producer

edubb, the beatsmith behind two of Papoose's "Law Library"-- trilogy

of songs that focus on different aspects of criminal law (conspiracy, warrant

of arrest, and grand jury proceedings). Despite

Jive being in the midst of a very public feud with the Clipse (the duo claimed

that the label is poorly handling their releases, including the heavily delayed

Hell Hath No Fury), Papoose remains confident in choosing Jive as his first

home. "If

I was playing tennis or golf, maybe there would be pressure," Papoose said

of going major. "Hip-Hop music? There's no pressure. This is what I do. I

just needed the opportunity. So I am given the opportunity by Jive, by Kay Slay

[Streetsweepers Ent.] and Busta Rhymes [Flipmode]. I am blessed with this opportunity

and it feels real good, it's a dream come true."