Pardison Fontaine Talks Meeting Cardi B & The Process Of Co-Writing Her Records

The longtime friends team up again for "Backin' It Up" music video.

(AllHipHop News) Newburgh, New York rapper Jordan "Pardison Fontaine" Thorpe was thrust into the minds of the general public when it was revealed he was a co-writer for Cardi B. While Pardison has been credited for his work, some people still refer to him as a ghostwriter.

Ebro Darden caught up with Fontaine for his Beats 1 radio show. They talked about Pardison's professional and personal relationship with the Invasion Of Privacy performer.

"That's my dog. That's my day one," said Pardi about Cardi. "When she was working in the clubs, I was going to those same clubs trying to get my record played. We had mutual friends too. They would put her on, and she would play [my music] in the car."

Ebro then brought up the controversy over "Be Careful." Old footage of Fontaine rapping lyrics from the song re-emerged after Cardi officially released the single in March.

"We have records together. When we're in the [studio] and we're making stuff, I play stuff that's mine. She plays records that she got," Pardi explained. "['Be Careful'] was supposed to come from a girl's perspective. It made sense for her at the time. With everything that was going on, it just made sense for it to be coming from a girl."

He later added, "She's way too creative and way too much of a personality to have no input or not know what she wants to say or not have her message out for the world. So me being more musically inclined, I can help her do that."