Parents Blast Tyga and Keke Palmer Over Raunchy Viral Video

Tyga and Keke Palmer are not winning over any fans at one high school in Georgia.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Tyga and actress Keke Palmer are being blasted for a crude video they filmed at a high school in Georgia.

Parents at Douglas County High School were shocked to see students in the background of a viral video featuring Tyga and Keke Palmer doing the viral #ForTheD**k challenge.

The pair were only supposed to be filming scenes from MTV's Show "Scream" when they shot the raunchy clip, featuring Keke rapping about what she would do for some d##k, while Tyga rhymes about everything he would do for some p##sy.

"Wow is all I can say. Extremely vulgar, yes. That's not what I want my taxes to pay for," one parent told WSB-TV.

Producers who shot the show have apologized for the video, which has been seeing six million times.

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Wait aint this the same female that spoke up on some conservative shit when that disney nigga saying he smashed? Talking bout he was damaging her brand?


I gotta give Tyga props on that joint it was hot. Obviously not at the right venue...