Paris' "Sonic Jihad" Sells Out Online, Hits Stores Today

Paris' latest album,

Sonic Jihad, has finally hit stores, after selling out on the rapper's


"People seem

to be hungry for more than what they're used to getting from their entertainment


especially hip-hop -- and are growing tired of the scene," Paris told

The album features

such other out spoken rappers as Kam, Dead Prez and Public Enemy and tackles

such topics as Paris' belief that AIDs is man made, discrimination, the New

World Order, police brutality and Paris' views on September 11.

"Bush has

been caught lying on several occasions about justifications for going to war

and now people are becoming even more suspicious," Paris said.

Paris said for

the Sonic Jihad album, he simply wanted to bring hip-hop listeners an

alternative to the music that's played on the radio and television stations.

"Many people

are out growing hip-hop because companies are trying to keep its appeal artificially

young by targeting a teenage female demographic," Paris noted. "Not

much is being provided to listeners who want more then tattoos and diamond grilles.

I'm doing my best to bring something different to ‘em."

Paris acknowledged

the effect that music can have on consumers and said that the message he is

attempting to convey is one of independence and intelligence.

"A lot of

artists nowadays do music strictly for the money, and that hurts the art. Many

of them gravitate towards music that they believe companies want to sign - especially

major labels. And since white-owned major labels and video channels seem to

be stuck in a mode of only wanting to reward ignorant behavior by paying for

and endorsing images and material that degrade us, it’s necessary to take

note of who’s value-added to the game and who’s not. Music is very

influential, and it directly impacts our community, so I don’t take it

lightly. Life imitates art."

Sonic Jihad

is in stores now and online at