Paris To Release Exclusive Public Enemy Album

Rapper Paris' Guerrilla Funk Recordings has reached an agreement to manufacture and distribute an exclusive, Paris-produced Public Enemy album entitled Rebirth Of A Nation."I’ve had admiration for Public Enemy since the inception of their career," Paris told "They are one of the most important groups in hip-hop history and represent a time when music that made sense for us as a people wasn’t watered down and made accessible to the masses."The relationship between the two politically charged hip-hop powerhouses began in 2002, on Public Enemy's Revolverlution, which featured Paris on the remix to the lead single.Both Paris and Public Enemy stepped it up a notch on Paris' current album Sonic Jihad by collaborating with Dead Prez on the cut "Freedom.""The production approach I’m taking with this project will be to capture the essence of what I love about them - controlled chaos - with potent, razor-sharp lyrics and unrelenting hardcore music," Paris revealed. "These are the styles that we’ve both built our careers on, and it’s necessary to show comradery among those of us who live to uplift through entertainment."Rebirth Of A Nation, a name spin on D.W. Griffith's controversial 1915 Civil War movie "Birth Of A Nation," is slated for a summer 2004 release date and will be available exclusively through Guerrilla Funk Recordings."Guerrilla Funk was founded to bring balance back to the game and counteract the bullsh*t commercialized garbage the industry is giving us right now," Paris said. "They’ve been influential to me beyond words and it’s an honor for me to get down with them."In related Guerilla Funk news, T-KASH has signed with the label to release his debut, Afterparty Music.T-KASH was featured on several of The Coup’s projects and the group will lend a hand to his debut album along with Paris.Paris will also re-teamed with The Conscious Daughters, whose debut album, The Conscious Daughters and follow up Gamers, sold over 500,000 copies combined.Their third album, The Nutcracker Suite, features will touch on self-empowerment and sisterhood and will feature production by Rick Rock (Jay-Z, Ice Cube, 2Pac) and others.