Parking Valet Says He Never Claimed Suge Knight Struck Him

The California Board of Prison terms is expected

to make a decision today as to whether or not Suge Knight violated his probation,

after he allegedly struck a parking valet outside of a club in Los Angeles.

Mehdi Lazrak, the parking valet who Knight allegedly

struck, told the parole board that Knight laid a hand on him.

"I never said I was hit by him. I don't

know how police got that idea," Lazrak told the Associated Press outside

of the hearing.

Knight has been incarcerated since June and is

facing a year in prison if officials revoke his parole.

Knight's lawyer, Rose Kogeman, also presented

with a security videotape that allegedly shows another man punching a parking


The video was shot outside of Hollywood nightclub

White Lotus, where Knight was attending a meeting.

Knight faces a year in prison if his parole is