Pastor Troy Arrested

Micah "Pastor Troy" Levar and two bodyguards were arrested Friday (February 21) in Atlanta, Georgia after drugs were found in a vehicle the rapper was traveling in.Levar was stopped by Fayette County Sheriff deputies in his Ford F-650 truck.Police dogs detected drugs in the vehicle and a subsequent searched turned up the marijuana."It was just short of what appeared to be oneounce of suspected marijuana," Sgt. Wayne Prosser said.Officers allege they questioned Levar, who gave a fake name. They became suspicious when passerby's kept yelling out his rap name, Pastor Troy.Levar finally admitted his identity when officers found a copy of his CD in the truck.Levar is facing one count of drug possession and one count of giving the police a fictitious name.Bodyguards Michael Holloway and Keith Carter were both charged with drug and concealed weapons charges.